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As a small company focused on a single major product we are able to offer services at an attractive price to companies of all sizes. Our customers include companies employing just one or two people who may require a specific typeface through to multi-national companies such as Pepsi, ICI and BTR who make use of many of our services.

Formula Solutions manufacture many hundreds of TrueType fonts each year, containing logos, symbols and signatures. For some companies we may produce a single, very simple symbol to fill a specific requirement and for others we produce many derivatives of their corporate brand, together with product logos, symbols and signatures.

Many of our customers initially perceive our products simply as a new and interesting concept, but once implemented throughout the company, they rapidly realise the enormous benefit to their organisation and now treat our products as an essential part of their corporate identity.

Visit the Cable & Wireless website Cable & Wireless is one of the world's leading providers of integrated communications and a major carrier of communications traffic; Internet, data, voice and video. With 17 million customers in 70 countries its businesses around the world offer a range of services spanning interactive entertainment and information, broadband data, Internet access and broadcast television, as well as fixed and mobile voice.

"The Cable & Wireless corporate identity is very important to our organisation and having the main logo manufactured as a TrueType font has ensured that it is reproduced consistently and at a very high quality. Since this initial project with Formula Solutions, they have been extremely helpful with regard to several typeface projects.

We required a worldwide licence of Garamond and Gill Sans and Formula Solutions were able to source original typefaces at a very competitive price, including cyrillic versions of the fonts. Subsequently Formula Solutions have designed and added a fully hinted euro symbol into all the corporate typefaces supplied.

Formula Solutions offer an excellent level of service and have been able to fulfill all of our font requirements."

Philippa Bridge
Corporate Identity Manager

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Visit the Ashridge website Ashridge is more than a business school. We explore challenging new ways to take individuals and organisations further in personal and corporate development. We are an independent non-for-profit organisation offering three integrated core areas: consulting, executive education and research.

"We are very protective of our logo and were in need of a way to ensure the quality was maintained. A TrueType font allowed us to keep the quality at any size while allowing us to set the colours of our logo specifically, instead of worrying that an incompatible file format would affect the quality or colours. I didn't hesitate to choose Formula Solutions as they had offered excellent service before. The logo is excellent and once again they have completed an order with a professional and friendly manner and at a good price."

Antony Freelove
Website/Internal Communications Executive

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Visit the Precedent website Precedent are a communications consultancy specializing in the development, management and application of visual identity. Our work spans the whole range of media, from printed collateral to interactive multimedia and the world wide web. It includes naming and identity consultancy, the creation of identity elements and management systems, Internet and Intranet sites, presentation systems and template systems for office productivity applications. Our new media offering is particularly strong, having pioneered digital solutions for corporate communications and marketing by extending our design and communication skills into the whole range of digital applications.

"Formula Solutions have helped Precedent create logos for office template systems in TrueType format. When incorporated into template systems TrueType logos produce high quality desktop printed reproduction and gives the user a greater control of the space available to store files on their servers. When saved as documents, office templates can make a saving of up to 60% on storage space by using TrueType logos as opposed to Bitmap logos."

Mike Watson
Senior Project Manager

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Scottish Power logo

Scottish Power has grown from a regional electricity company into a leading £7billion multi-utility business supplying one in five UK homes.

For Scottish Power several logos were incorporated into a single TrueType font, with the various logos being associated with different characters in the font.

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Reebok logo Reebok have been manufacturing high quality athletic shoes since 1895. The corporate logos are a very important part of their identity and it is essential that they are reproduced accurately. There are several derivatives of the Reebok and associated logos and a single TrueType font was produced incorporating all versions.
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Parcelforce Worldwide logo

Parcelforce Worldwide are the UK's largest express carrier, handling an impressive 140 million parcels each year.

For Parcelforce Worldwide we created a TrueType font containing both a mono and colourable version of the logo. The mono version is for use on electronic faxes and the colourable version for presentations and web graphics.

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Pepsi logo Nestlé logo