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Are you ready for the euro?
On January 1, 1999 the euro came into existence as a valid currency. Even if your company is based in a country that hasn't adopted the euro from the start, your company may still deal with European customers or suppliers who will expect you to be able to use the euro.

The Font Problem
Historically standard TrueType fonts have contained all the major currency symbols of the world, but with the introduction of a new symbol this has created a problem for any companies requiring the use of the euro currency symbol, either on screen or on printed documents. As the symbol is likely to be required within the body text of a document and also to be used at various sizes it is obviously impractical to attempt to embed a graphic image.

The Solution
Formula Solutions offer three options to resolve the euro currency symbol problem. The first is a custom solution whereby we will design a euro currency symbol to match your current typeface and then the new symbol is added into your existing font making selection of the symbol very straightforward. The second option is a standalone TrueType font which contains a single general purpose version of the euro currency symbol. The final option is also a standalone TrueType font, but one which contains 65 variants of the euro currency symbol, allowing you to choose the version most suitable for your requirement.

Each of the solutions are covered in more detail below.

Option 1 - Typeface Upgrade
This option is ideal for any company that regularly needs to use the euro currency symbol or for any organisation that wants to ensure that the euro currency symbol fits in exactly with their corporate identity. Formula Solutions will design a euro currency symbol for each of your current typefaces and will then add the new symbol into the existing font so that it becomes an intrinsic part of the typeface.

There are several advantages to using this option:

  • Ease of use - As the euro currency symbol becomes part of each modified font, there is no need to change fonts when the symbol is required.
  • Compatibility - As each euro currency symbol is designed for each font, there will never be a situation where the symbol looks out of place.
  • Font metrics - Traditionally all existing currency symbols have the same character width as the numeral characters ('0' to '9'). This ensures that tables containing currency figures correctly align. When a custom euro currency symbol is added to your existing font we ensure that the new symbol is setup with the correct character width.
  • Licencing - The addition of the euro currency symbol to each font does not affect your existing font licence. You only pay once for the upgrade to each font weight that you have upgraded.

The price for upgrading your typeface is 145 per weight per typeface.

Option 2 - Standard

A sample of the euro symbol

This option is suitable for companies that have an infrequent requirement to use the euro currency symbol. It consists of a generic version of the euro currency symbol, as shown on the left, which is contained in it's own TrueType font.

Once installed the symbol can be accessed by selecting the 'Euro Symbol' font from the font list and then by typing any character. The symbol will be displayed on screen and can be scaled to the required size and then printed.

The price for this option for unlimited users within one organisation is:
65 for a single country licence.
195 for a European licence.
325 for a Worldwide licence.

Option 3 - Enhanced
This option consists of a standalone TrueType font that contains 65 variants of the euro currency symbol, each having been created to match the following typestyles.

Helvetica (32 weights) - Ultra light, ultra light italic, light, light italic, roman, roman italic, bold, bold italic, black, black italic, ultra light condensed, ultra light condensed italic, light condensed, light condensed italic,  bold condensed, bold condensed italic, black condensed, black condensed italic, ultra light extended, ultra light extended oblique, extended, extended oblique, bold extended, bold extended oblique, black extended, black extended oblique, rounded bold, rounded bold italic, bold outline and shaded.

Times (8 weights) - Roman, italic, semibold, semibold italic, bold, bold italic, extra bold and extra bold italic.

Caecilia (8 weights) - Light, light italic, roman, italic, bold, bold italic, heavy and heavy italic.

Iridium (3 weights) - Roman, italic and bold.

Breughel (3 weights) - Roman, bold and black.

Courier (2 weights) - Roman and bold.

Present (2 weights) - Script and bold.

Also OCR A, Optima bold, Mistral, American Typewriter medium, Didot roman, Standard and Standard italic.

Euro Currency Symbol Samples
Samples of euro currency symbols from Enhanced option

The advantage of the Enhanced option over the Standard option is that you can select the version of the euro currency symbol that most closely matches the typestyle that is being used. The typefaces listed above have been chosen to offer a wide selection of styles that will cater for most situations. Each variant is associated with a different character easily accessible from the keyboard. For example, once the font containing the euro currency symbols has been selected typing 'V' would display the Optima Bold version and typing '9' would display the Helvetica Black version. The symbol can then be scaled to the required size and then printed.

This option is licenced based on the number of users. The price for up to 5 users is 95. For larger licences please email us for prices.