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TrueType Font Installer

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The task of installing fonts on the Windows operating system is often viewed as a simple and menial task. Admittedly, adding a couple of fonts onto a single system is straightforward but the situation is much more complex in a large corporate environment when many thousands of systems are involved.

One of the most common scenarios is the change of corporate identity which often involves new corporate typefaces as well as new corporate logos often installed as fonts. In this example not only will fonts need to be added, but also the old corporate fonts will need removing. The situation is even more complicated for logo fonts that usually require a new version containing the new logo, rather than a completely new font. Suddenly version control which is at best very difficult to perform manually becomes a major issue.

The automatic font installer has been created to provide a simple solution to the problem of font distribution in large businesses. A single executable file is distributed to all the users or departmental managers who then simply run the program on each system.

The power of the font installer comes from the fact that the executable that is run on the users' machine is preconfigured when manufactured with all the required tasks which ultimately means no input is needed by the user. They simply run the executable which removes any unwanted fonts and adds or updates any new fonts. The inbuilt version control system ensures that only updated fonts can be installed on the system.

Once the font installer has completed the required tasks, the user is presented with a simple report that lists the success status of the job. The user can then notify the relevant department if the task fails.


  • Ease of use A single executable to install/remove TrueType fonts
  • Minimal user input The executable is preconfigured so no decisions for the users
  • Version control Powerful version control ensures only the latest versions are installed
  • Distribution Flexible distribution options such as email or Intranet

PC Platform Requirements

The utility works on all versions of Windows.

Where to go from here

The cost of the Font Installer is dependent on the number of users. Please contact the sales team for further details.