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Installing a TrueType font on an Apple Macintosh

To install a TrueType font:

1. Locate the system startup drive on the desktop (In this example it is called Formula MAC).

Macintosh desktop

2. Open the system startup drive by double clicking the icon. The drive will contain various folders including the System Folder.

System Folder

3. Insert the diskette and locate the "Formula Solutions" icon. Double click on the icon. The contents of the diskette will be listed.

Floppy contents

4. Reposition the windows, if required, so that the required TrueType fonts are visible together with the icon for the System Folder.

5. Drag the required TrueType Fonts onto the System Folder. A message will be displayed informing the user that the fonts need to be stored in the Fonts folder.

Font prompt 1

6. Select OK and the TrueType fonts will be transferred to the Fonts folder.

7. A message will then be displayed informing the user that the fonts will not be available to currently running applications until they are restarted.

Font prompt 2

8. Click OK. Restart any applications before attempting to use the newly installed TrueType fonts.

Once the font is installed it is ready for use in any application that supports TrueType fonts.
Click here for a step-by-step guide to the usage of a custom TrueType font.