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For many years computer users have had two choices when it comes to signing a document. Either find a pen and do it the old fashioned way or use a scanned image of your signature. Formula Solutions can now offer a third option, which is to have your signature, produced as a TrueType font.

There are many problems associated with the original two methods. Signing by hand may be the only genuine option, but can be impractical for very large mailshots and in certain cases impossible when for instance an electronic document is faxed. The method of scanning a signature and using a graphic causes large bitmaps to be added to documents, which significantly increases file sizes. In addition the quality is often poor and produces a signature that is far from ideal.

By having your signature produced as a TrueType font you will be able to easily select your signature from your applications font list and then simply type the characters associated with your signature. You will be able to utilise your signature font in your favourite applications whenever and wherever you want your signature to appear.

Sample signature 1

Sample signature 2

The advantages of using TrueType Signatures

Ease of use
Your signature will be produced as a TrueType font and from that time onwards, it is used in exactly the same way as a standard typeface. It is installed as a TrueType font and is then accessible to all applications that use TrueType fonts via the Font menu.

Simply select your signature from the font list and type the character or characters associated with your signature. We can even put derivatives of your signature in the same font, for instance, typing ‘a’ could select your full signature and typing 'b' could select an abbreviated version or just your first name. The signature will be displayed on screen and you can change the size to suit your requirement.

Click here for a more detailed look at the usage of a TrueType signature.

Smaller document sizes
Adding a TrueType signature to your document will increase the file size by just a small number of bytes. Compare this with the addition of a bitmap image that can easily increase the file size by many thousands of bytes and often in excess of 100KB.

Click here for a more detailed look at file size comparisons.

High quality
TrueType fonts are not bitmap images, they are actually drawn from a mathematically calculated outline which can be scaled to any size with no loss of quality. Therefore your signature can be scaled to any size supported by your application and will produce the highest quality image on your selected output device.

Click here for a more detailed look at the technology of TrueType fonts.

Work faster
As using TrueType signatures generate smaller document sizes, files will obviously load and save quicker. Additionally as TrueType fonts are handled more efficiently by the operating system your documents will also display and print much faster.

Where to go from here

The cost of having your signature produced as a TrueType font is just 55 plus shipping plus VAT. If you have several signatures produced within your organisation at the same time, then the cost could be even less. Please contact the sales team for further details.

In the meantime, if you would like to try out the technology, simply visit the download area to obtain a copy of our free demo TrueType font.

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding our TrueType solutions. If, however, you have any additional questions, please contact the sales team for further information.