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If you are having problems with either a custom font or the demo font, then this section of our web site has been produced to help you. We have attempted to cover all the common questions and issues related to our custom font service.

Installing a TrueType font
A step-by-step guide to the installation of a TrueType font for Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
Using a custom TrueType font
A simple guide to explain how to use a custom TrueType font. The principle explained is appropriate for logos, signatures, symbols and Quality Marks.
Colouring a TrueType logo font
An explanation of the various methods that can be used to colour a TrueType font.
This section covers some of the known issues with various applications and printer drivers.
TrueType Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
This is a collection of the most commonly asked
questions relating to custom TrueType fonts.

If you have a support related question which is not covered in any of the above
sections please email it to the Formula Solutions support team.