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Formula Solutions offer TrueType, Postscript and OpenType fonts from all the major type foundries including Adobe, Monotype, Bitstream, ITC and URW++. Because we are not tied to a single vendor we are able to source the most suitable typefaces to meet our customers specific requirements.

Whether you need a single font, a family of fonts or a complete font collection, we can help you find the ideal solution. We can provide font licences for single PC's through to corporate licences for your entire organisation.

Formula Solutions has earned an enviable reputation for quality with our own products and although we source typefaces from a variety of type foundries, we only deal with those producing the highest quality typefaces in the world.

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We can offer:

  • TrueType, Postscript and OpenType fonts - the leading font technologies offering the highest quality typefaces available.
  • Multi-user licences - available for any number of users and easily extended.
  • Thousands of typefaces - with links to all the major type foundries we have access to thousands of typefaces.
  • Latin and Non-Latin typefaces - including Cyrillic, Arabic, Eastern European and  Hebrew.
  • Hewlett Packard soft fonts - bitmap fonts and scaleable fonts available either for downloading or supplied ready to plug in to the printer.
  • Symbol fonts - specialist symbol fonts including textiles, astrology, audio and mathematics.
  • Multiple master fonts - a technology for Postscript fonts allowing hundreds of variations to be produced from a single font by changing attributes such as weight, width and optical size.
  • Custom designed typefaces - when a standard off-the-shelf typeface is not available, we can manufacture a custom font to your specification.

Please contact us if you have any specific font requirements or any font problems that you would like us to investigate.

Visit our partner company House of Type to purchase fonts online.